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Evolution of Lie Detection Technology [PDF]
EyeDetect and EyeDetect+ Flyer [PDF]
EyeDetect+ (automated polygraph) Flyer [PDF]
EyeDetect Brochure [PDF]
EyeDetect Flyer [PDF]
Compare: EyeDetect, EyeDetect+ & Polygraph [PDF]
Compare: EyeDetect and VerifEye [PDF]
Security Firms – U.S. [PDF]
Financial Services – U.S. [PDF]
Security Firms – International [PDF]
Safe Lie Detection During Viral Pandemic [PDF]
Law Enforcement [PDF]
Law Enforcement Hiring Process [PDF]
Attorneys [PDF]
Infidelity and Addictions [PDF]
Private Investigators [PDF]
Sex Offenders [PDF]
Clergy [PDF]
Tobii Pro Statement for Converus – Eye Tracker 4C [PDF]
Tobii Pro Q&A Regarding its Eye Tracker 4C [PDF]


Summary of EyeDetect Research [PDF]
EyeDetect Audio Multi-Issue Comparison Test (AMCT) – Development and Validation Summary [PDF]
Laboratory and Field Research on the Ocular-motor Deception Test – European Polygraph Journal [PDF]
Lyin’ Eyes: Ocular­motor Measures of Reading Reveal Deception – Journal of Experimental Psychology [PDF]
Generalizability of an Ocular-Motor Test for Deception to a Mexican Population – International Journal of Applied Psychology [PDF]
Detecting Deception Using Ocular Metrics During Reading – Credibility Assessment: Scientific Research and Applications [link]
Evoked Pupil Responses Habituate During an Oculomotor Test for Deception – PUBLICATION [link]
Ocular-motor Detection of Deception in Laboratory Settings – Meeting of the American Psychology and Law Society [PDF]
Eye Movements and Pupil Size Reveal Deception – Foundations of Augmented Cognition [link]
Effectiveness of Pupil Diameter in a Probable-Lie Comparison Question Test for Deception – Legal and Criminal Psychology [link]
Ocular-Motor Deception Test – Detecting Concealed Information and Deception (pp. 187-212) [link]
Multi-method Assessment of Deception – Doctoral Dissertation [link]
Effects of Motivation, and Item Difficulty on Oculomotor and Behavioral Measures of Deception – A. Webb Doctoral Dissertation 2008 [PDF]
Ocular-motor Methods for Detecting Deception: Direct Versus Indirect Interrogation – P. Patnaik Master’s Thesis [PDF]
Oculomotor Methods for Detecting Deception: Effects of Practice Feedback and Blocking – P. Patnaik Doctoral Dissertation 2015 [PDF]
Effects of Direct and Indirect Questions On The Ocular-Motor Deception Test – Polygraph & Forensic Credibility Assessment [PDF]
Antecedent Probability and the Efficiency of Psychometric Signs, Patterns, or Cutting Scores (supports Successive Hurdles theory) – Meehl & Rosen, 1955 [PDF]
Ocular-Motor Methods for Detecting Deception in a Multiple-Issue Screening Protocol – A. Potts Doctoral Dissertation 2020 [PDF]
EyeDetect Hybrid Directed-lie Comparison Test (HDLC) Development and Validation Summary – Kircher, 5/2021 [PDF]
EyeDetect Hybrid Multi-Issue Comparison Test (HMCT) Development and Validation Summary – Kircher, 5/2021 [PDF]
Hybrid Polygraph and Ocular-Motor Deception Tests for Screening and Specific-Incident Investigations, Psychology Applications & Developments VII, Handler & Nacházelová (2021) [PDF]


Technical Overview of EyeDetect and EyeDetect+ [PDF]
Bayesian Decision-Making Mitigates Effects of Base Rates on Outcome Confidence: A Monte Carlo Simulation – APA Journal, March 2024 (Warner, Anderson, & Kircher) [PDF]
Considering Base Rates in Testing Populations [PDF]
Tactical Credibility Assessment Technology [PDF]
Credibility Assessment for Public Safety Background Screening [PDF]
Automated Deception Detection for Adult and Juvenile Sex Offenders [PDF]
Psychophysiological and ODT Detection of Deception [PDF]
Low Base Rate Screening Survival Analysis & Successive Hurdles, The Police Polygraphist Journal, March 2016 (Handler) [PDF]


Download VerifEye App (from your mobile device) [PDF]
VerifEye Flyer [PDF]
VerifEye FAQ [PDF]
VerifEye Fact Sheet [PDF]
VerifEye vs. EyeDetect [PDF]
VerifEye Availability [PDF]
Credibility Assessment Comparison Chart [PDF]


Converus Press Kit [PDF]
Converus Origin Story [PDF]
100+ Year Evolution of Credibility Assessment Technology [PDF]
Lie Detection Comparison Chart [PDF]
Converus Fact Sheet [PDF]
EyeDetect Fact Sheet [PDF]
EyeDetect Press Release [PDF]
EyeDetect+ Fact Sheet [PDF]
VerifEye Fact Sheet [PDF]
Company Timeline [PDF]
Converus Awards [PDF]
Converus Science Team [PDF]
Converus Management Team [PDF]
Converus Advisory Board [PDF]
Press Quotes and Coverage [PDF]
EyeDetect Customers [PDF]


Converus Style Guide [PDF]
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IdentityDetect (blue) .PDF [link]
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