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EyeDetect is a revolutionary lie detector that has changed the way the world detects deception. Learn how it can spot a liar. The eyes don’t lie.

Converus: Disrupting the Lie Detection Industry

Truth Validated

Converus provides scientifically validated credibility assessment technologies.

Our technologies are destined to change the way the world detects deception. It all started with the 2014 release of our revolutionary, game-changing lie detection technology called EyeDetect. EyeDetect is the first viable, scalable, scientifically validated credibility assessment method invented since the polygraph debuted nearly 100 years ago.

EyeDetect is currently used by more than 500 customers in 43 countries in 40 different languages. Customers include:

  • The world’s largest ride-share company (to screen drivers).
  • Federal agencies in Singapore, Mexico, Guatemala (funded by the U.S. Department of State), Peru, Colombia, Panama, Jamaica, Czech Republic, and an Arabic-speaking agency.
  • Dozens of state and local law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities in the U.S.
  • Hundreds of non-U.S. corporations including financial institutions, security companies, staffing agencies, manufacturers, and others.
  • And an ever-growing number of therapists, attorneys, and private investigators.

In 2017, Converus released IdentityDetect, an additional innovative credibility assessment technology.

In 2021, Converus released the world’s first automated polygraph—EyeDetect+.

In 2023, Converus released VerifEye (U.S. patent pending), the world’s first mobile app for iOS or Android phones that quickly and accurately validates truth by measuring involuntary eye behavior.

These technologies help protect countries, corporations and communities from corruption, crime and threats. Converus is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, USA.


Help organizations, government, and society create
and maintain environments of honesty and safety.


Be the leading technology provider of credibility assessment solutions.


The eyes don’t lie®


EyeDetect+ is the world’s first automated polygraph. It monitors and records ocular-motor activity, as well as physiological activity like a traditional polygraph — but it’s less intrusive. The testing and scoring process is automated by computer, making it twice as fast as a traditional polygraph. And best of all, it’s 89-91% accurate.

EyeDetect is the world’s first scientifically validated, scalable, nonintrusive lie detection technology that detects deception at 86-88% accuracy in 15-30 minutes by analyzing eye and other behaviors.

It’s the first breakthrough in effectively uncovering lies since the polygraph was invented nearly 100 years ago.

VerifEye™ is the world’s first mobile app to help organizations or individuals accurately verify the truth about a person — including background, identity, creditworthiness and claims — in about 10 minutes.